Current Group Members

Richard Zowalla


Web-Crawling & Text Mining

Yasmin Hollenbenders

PhD Candidate

KIDD: EEG biomarkers for depression

Current MSc Students

Lucca Patzelt: Genetic Search for Feature Selection fo Hidden Marcov Models (Research Project)

Navid Jamalipourkandeh & Mathan Maheswaran: Systematic Review of EEG Biomarker for MDD (Research Project)

Previous Group Members

Katrin Andraschko, Research Assistant

Previous MSc Students

Friedrich Carrle: Creating synthetic EEG data with generative methods (in review)

Sebastian King: Generation of Synthetic 3D MRI Data for Schizophrenie Diagnosis based on Generative Methods (in preparation)

Yasmin Hollenbenders: Two routes to Alzheimer’s disease based on differential structural changes in key brain regions

Fabian Schmidt: A general data schema and robust processing package for gait data analytics and their evaluation with six publicly available data sets

Erenik Krasniqi: Data-driven stratification of Parkinson’s disease patients based on the progression of motor and cognitive disease markers

Stefanie Ziegler: Stratification of patients with Alzheimer’s disease based on longitudinal neuropsychological tests